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Calculate returns on your lumpsum investment using this lumpsum calculator.


All you need to know about Lumpsum Calculator

Lumpsum Calculator is a simple and powerful online tool that can help you to calculate future value of your lumpsum investment over a given time(years) and rate of interest.

Lumpsum Investment is an one time investment made in any investment product like Mutual Funds, Bank Fixed Deposits, Direct Equity, Monthly Income Scheme, etc... at once rather than in increments over a period of time.

By using our lumpsum investment calculator, you can see a road map of your investment journey. This calculator shows you a power of compounding.

What is the formula for a lumpsum calculator?

A = P (1 + r) ^ n


A = Estimated Returns

P = Investment Amount

r = Rate of Interest per Annum(%)

n = Tenure (in years)

For Example :- Person XYZ invest 1 lakh rupees for 10 years in mutual fund scheme which gives him/her 15% interest per annum. So according to our lump sum investment calculator, estimate value of investment will be 4.05 lakh rupees after 10 years.

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